So You Are Thinking About Downsizing….


Is your house starting to feel too big? All the kids are gone and it is more than you want to keep up with? Are you asking yourself, “What do I do with all of this stuff”?

We can all suffer from analysis paralysis which is the condition we find ourselves in when we overthink a project to the point that we stop moving on it all together.

As soon as you have the thought that it might be time to downsize, here are a few tips that can help the paralysis go away.

  • Start Early – It is never too early to begin sorting through all of your belongings. Focus on one closet or room at a time.
  • Get Family Involved – Is your home still housing your children’s belongings? Have them come get everything they want to keep. Make sure you are working with only YOUR belongings.
  • Sell Items of Value – Do you have items of value that you no longer enjoy though someone else would? Get these items appraised and sell them through a reputable dealer.
  • Donate, Donate, Donate - There are numerous charities that can use your dishes, cookware, glassware, magazine racks, and furniture that you no longer want.
  • Fix the Little Things – Those switches that don’t work, the dripping faucet, the broken screen door; while you have lived with them for years…they will need to be fixed eventually to sell the house.
  • Freshen Up the House - Is it in your means to paint the wall and replace the flooring? Even these 2 things can make a house more appealing to a new owner.

Robin is the creator of the McCoy Team’s 5-Step Senior Transition Program which helps people move through what can be a very overwhelming process.