Keller Williams lives by a certain culture throughout our market centers around the world. In fact, we are so dedicated to our culture that there are 40 Steps to KW Culture…..


Intro to KW Culture….

Hello! The reason for this video is I want to chat with you a second and talk about culture a little bit. We throw that word around, we talk about how our culture is this or it’s that, and I think a lot of times we don’t really understand what that means.

You may or may not have noticed is as you walk out of the main room and down the hall towards the front desk, there’s a poster on the wall, and it says “The Forty Steps to Culture.” Yes, there are forty of them. And what I’m going to do is each week I’m going to post one of our points, or one of our steps, to culture. And I want to talk about that and get some conversations going about what that means and I would love for everybody to participate: think about what that particular step means to you, and actually go out and do something that relates back to that and let’s share that information. We talk about culture a lot: it’s a matter of talking about it or living it. So, I’m looking forward to doing this; I think it will bring a lot of conversations and relationships into the office. And if you have any comments or questions or concerns or happy thoughts or successes with your culture adventure, I hope you come in and share those with me. So let’s go forward in culture, let’s get started as soon as we can. And let’s move into 2018 with a very strong, purposeful, sense of culture.


#1 Smiling at others in the Market Center regularly


Each week we will focus on one of the 40 steps to culture that KW promotes and lives by. We throw the term “culture” around a lot and sometimes we think it just means our Red Day or answering a question once in a while. Really, the culture of KW is much more widespread, and we’re gonna start off real simple. The one we’re going talk about today is easy. Smiling at others regularly in the market center. Just smile at each other when you see one another, say hello, and just welcome the person to the office. It’s very important in our work environment to feel like we are a part of it, and so if you see someone that may be sitting by themselves or not engaging all the time, go over. Say hello. Give them a smile; that may be all they need. And take this outside. When you drop off option money and earnest money, smile and say hello to the people and the receptionist and the assistants that are taking that money for you. And your grocery clerks and all of those folks. I’ll tell you what, if you smile every day to every person that you meet, you will feel a thousand times better. So I challenge you: smile to everyone in the market center and outside of the office this week, and I’m sure that you are going to feel that little piece of KW culture come though.