She is the Best!

We have used several realtors in the past and I will say that Robin has been the most patient and trust-worthy of them all! She was referred to me by a co-worker who said that she is the best! From the start, she was on time, energetic and prepared with all the information we needed to get the ball rolling. She even had a For Sale sign in her car! We had our house listed within 24 hrs. and our first showing the day after! She was very enthusiastic about selling our home and was honestly invested in what we wanted out the process. She provided us with all of her resources that included Open Houses, Social Media, email blasts and mass mailings of professional Keller Williams Flyers that had our house on the cover! Robin even went door to door meeting with our neighbors to see if they had friends or family interested in buying a home. She always had an optimistic approach when times were stressful for us in this process. She kept us focused and followed up with us after every showing. Robin was the reason the we were able to sell our home in one of the toughest markets at the time. She is the best!

— Leon Robertson